XYZ restaurant owner wishes to extend his current operation by

XYZ restaurant owner wishes to extend his current operation by adding a new webpage to the 

existing web site to setup an online ordering system for Takeaway Orders. This new page should 

have a scrolling menu and an online messaging capability to Chat with the customers. 

He also requires a new PC with fast internet connection to be supplied at the restaurant’s takeaway 


The idea is that customers will send their requests via online messaging system (chat window). On 

duty staff receives the order, communicates with the customer, and confirms the customer’s order

and pick-up time. A confirmation email/text message will be sent to the customer and the relevant 

staff. Afterwards, the order will follow the normal process for takeaway orders.

You are required to prepare a Project Proposal/charter covering the following requirements.

1) Create a table listing at least five Objectives (in business terms) for this project as you would 

word them in the Project Proposal/Charter. 

2) Develop work breakdown structure (WBS) of the case study featuring 3-5 levels and 10-20 


3) Create a Chart or Table, listing all the major tasks, in sequence, and show all dependencies. 

4) Draw a network diagram showing all the tasks and their dependencies (abbreviate their 

names if necessary). Arrange the tasks to achieve the shortest time to complete the project 

and determine the number of weeks it will take to complete the project. 

5) Calculate the slack or float time for each activity, on the understanding that many tasks can 

be run in parallel if dependencies permit.

6) Finally, list the task numbers that form the critical path. 

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