Would long distance runners benefit more from barefoot running as

Complete a Research Project (at least 10 pages)

The learner needs to achieve at least 75/100 to be competent The Learner must research a topic that is pertinent to the Sport and Fitness Industry. The research must incorporate the following headings:

 Title and Abstract [10]

 Introduction [10]

 Background Research [10]

 Research Procedure/Methodology [10]

 Data Presentation [15]

 Data Analysis [10]

 Result and Overall Summary [15]

 Self-Reflection and Project Discussion [15]

 References (Harvard Style Referencing) [5]

100 This assessment forms part of the Learner Portfolio of Evidence and no learner will not be competent until this is completed and requirements are met. You may choose one of the following topics: TOPIC A – Determining the most accurate method of assessing body composition. The pros and cons of BMI vs alternative methods. Name all the possible assessment methods and discuss each one in detail. TOPIC B – Compare the effectiveness of resistance machines vs free weight training. TOPIC C – Compare the effectiveness between the Paleo diet and Conventional diet, which would you recommend to what type of client? Topic D – Would long distance runners benefit more from barefoot running as opposed to running with padded shoes? Topic E – Strength training and Aerobic training comparison and contrast Topic F – Role of fascia in exercise

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