What are characteristics of “White Identity?

The purpose of the reading is to provide a foundation for the material covered in class. Class discussion will build from the reading so it is assumed that the reading has been completed by the assigned date. For this assignment you will have needed to read: Chapter 3 from the textbook and the Grinde article, McIntosh article, and Martin article from the Course Reader. You will be required to write a 5-6 page essay responding to a set of questions related to the readings (Ch.3, Grinde article, McIntosh article, and Martin article). All papers must be typed. Papers will be evaluated on: 1.) demonstration that reading has been completed, 2.) application of concepts and ideas, 3.) clarity of writing. Must include Introduction paragraph, Body paragraphs (with a., b., c., etc. in beginning of paragraph to identify which question you are answering, and Conclusion paragraph. Paper must use and cite concepts, theories, terms from the textbook and course reader, which requires you to include in-text citations and a Reference Page/Works Cited page at end of paper. Answer the following questions in your body paragraphs: Question A: Based on your reading of Chapter 3 and the article by Grinde (in the Course Reader): How do people or groups in positions of power/authority contribute to the ways history is written? and, Have you seen (either personally or in the news) current situations that resemble the experiences Grinde faced in the article? Give examples of what experiences you have seen that are either similar or different. Question B: Based on your reading of the article by McIntosh (in the Course Reader): What is “White Privilege?” How have you experienced White Privilege/lack of White Privilege? (either as an advantage/benefit and/or as a lack of advantage?) Question C: Based on your reading of the article by Martin (in the Course Reader): What are characteristics of “White Identity?” How do you see characteristics of “White Identity” in America?

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