Vianna J My classmate conducted an in-depth analysis of his brand

Vianna J

My classmate conducted an in-depth analysis of his brand and provided enough information about his competitors. The selected brand is well-known and provided and description of the different factors that attract him to the brand. The concepts learned this week have been put to good use in brand analysis. However, my classmates can provide information about demographic factors and characteristics that contribute to brand attraction by providing a section to make the discussion more interesting. The classmate has offered a detailed explanation of the brand’s main competitor and compared the two brands from a positioning perspective. He also discussed thoroughly the points of parity and how the brands in question differentiate themselves in the market and in the industry. The classmate did not use sound theory in the discussion, so he can use it to improve the comparison. My classmates relied on simple and direct terminology in the discussion, so it was easy to understand what was presented.

My classmate provided an interesting and relevant analysis on the application of brand managers. He has outlined the duties of a brand manager which makes it possible for him/her to comprehend what is being talked about. In addition, he also provided the activities that these managers participated in and how they affected the brand’s marketing and perception of the market. The primary duty of a brand manager is to use research and customer trends to come up with techniques that that will create a shift in how the clients or users of the products perceive it. The brand manager supervises the design of the advertisement to ensure that the expected message is conveyed. One of the things that I would add to the post is a section on the skills, and the qualifications required for a brand manager. The outlining of the skills will be educative to the reader.


Kelvin B

  As I mentioned in my post last week I’m a big fan of choice when it comes to brands I’m fond of with Samsung in particular. Apple being Samsung’s biggest competitor usually releases three phones on an annual basis and despite them having varying specs they tend to have the same design, colors and use the same software. Apple does an amazing job creating software that is optimized for the specs they use but it can be limited in customization. Samsung on the other hand releases 4 to 5 flagship phones along with countless mid-range and budget options. While the software isn’t as optimized as Apple’s on some devices Samsung does a good job in providing the freedom to customize your device as they run on the Android OS but they frequently provide an update (monthly) that updates security and provides fixes and stability. 


Sunshine S

There has been increased use of corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a marketing tool. However, the effectiveness of CSR in promoting sales and improving public business image mainly depends on the willingness of the stakeholders, especially the employees, to perform effectively. A study carried out by List & Momeni (2021) aimed at determining employee misconduct and shirking in relation to corporate social responsibility (CSR). Over 1,500 workers were used in the study. The unethical issue involved in the research was that the consent of the employees was not sought, and they were unaware of any experiment being carried on them. The study referred to the subjects as “unintentional,” meaning that they were not informed. The study results indicated that organizations’ pursuit of CSR activities made workers engage in behaviors that would easily harm the business.

To make the research ethical, there certain things that the researchers could have considered.  The first factor entails informing the employees about the research. It is unethical to study human beings without their knowledge.  The second ethical factor which would have been considered is educating the researchers about the study, its purpose, importance, and any underlying ethical issues and consequences.  The last consideration would be seeking the consent of the employees to study them. Observing and studying the behavior of people secretly, without their consent, amounts to trespassing and interference with others’ privacy and confidentiality (Jamrozik & Selgelid, 2021. The researchers were not ethical in the processes followed within the study, despite obtaining their desired research results. Human beings have dignity, which must be observed in every form of research. 


kim m

This study was performed to confirm that 5-Loxin is proven to reduce the symptoms of Osteoarthritis. The study was led by a faculty member of the University of California. The research was conducted because of the high interest in finding safe and effective treatments for the disease and provide effective treatments that are proven to not be harmful.  in a 90-day research assessment, 75 participants with Osteoarthritis were divided into 3 groups and given either a placebo or 250mg of the 5-loxin. Each participant was evaluated for 90 days total for pain and side effects. The purpose of the study was to assess pain scores improvements in a clinical and statistical study. 

The study was good and followed ethical guidelines since it shared with participants what the study was being used for and allowing those participants to make the decision to engage in the study rather than forcing or misleading participants. Many people live with pain from joint issues and this study, and several others that are similar shed light on a product that is effective with little to no side effects for people with joint problems. 

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