The disputation on the Eucharist

Length: A paper with 11 paragraphs and be 1000-1200 words. Write paper research about the 4 artworks of the Italian painter and architect Raphael in MLA format. – The school of Athens – The disputation on the Eucharist – The transfiguration by Raphael – Sistine Macdonna

Introduction: 2 paragraphs with: (1) a lead-in or attention-getter, (2) background discussion of the artist’s life and how it relates to his or her art, (3) a statement explaining the purpose of the research project, and (4) a map statement proposing to fulfill the research purpose by examining the 4 works. Body: 8 paragraphs discussing in order the 4 artworks 2 paragraphs for each artwork. If possible, provide photos of the work inside. (Do not need source for photos).

Conclusion: 1 paragraph Elements of the conclusion: • Sum up and synthesize what the research authors say • Explain what YOU have learned from studying and writing about the works of art discussed in your paper. • Explain the significance of the artist and art works in today’s world • Explain what the artist and art works mean to you in your life personally. • Provide an underlined thesis.

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