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Attend a committee meeting in your health care organization. If you are not currently employed in a health care setting, you may elect to attend a committee meeting at another company, a community center, a local school, local chamber of commerce or other professional organization.

Observe the interactions between committee members and the process used by the committee to arrive at decisions.

In 500-750 words, describe the function of the committee and the roles of those in attendance. Describe your observations of the interactions between members of the committee and determine whether the process used to arrive at decisions is a form of shared governance.  Please include if you felt the meeting used shared governance or not.

A minimum of two academic references from credible sources are required for this assignment. Source must be published within the last 5 years and and appropriate for the assignment criteria and nursing content.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

Committee Review

I.               Introduction of the committee

II.             Function of the committee

A.            Roles of those in attendance

III.           Describe your observation of the interactions between members of the committee.

IV.            Do you believe the meeting used shared governance or not?

Simple conclusion.

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The committee meeting I attended was held at a local health care organization and involved various members who play significant roles in decision-making processes. The purpose of this committee was to discuss and address important issues related to patient care, quality improvement, and overall organizational functioning. Within this assignment, I will delve into the function of the committee, the roles of those in attendance, my observations of the interactions between committee members, and provide an assessment on whether the process used can be considered a form of shared governance.

I. Introduction of the committee:

The committee I observed is responsible for overseeing and addressing various healthcare-related matters within the organization. This committee brings together professionals from different disciplines, including physicians, nurses, administrators, and other healthcare professionals, with the aim of collectively making informed decisions for the betterment of patient care and overall organizational functioning.

II. Function of the committee:

The primary function of this committee is to provide a platform for discussing and resolving important issues pertaining to patient care, quality improvement initiatives, and organizational policies. The committee’s main objective is to ensure that decisions made are evidence-based, align with best practices, and prioritize the needs of patients and healthcare providers alike.

A. Roles of those in attendance:

1. Physicians: As subject matter experts, physicians contribute their clinical expertise in diagnosing and treating patients. They provide valuable insights and recommendations based on their medical knowledge and experience.

2. Nurses: Nurses play a crucial role in patient care and bring a unique perspective to the committee. They provide input on nursing practices, patient safety, and offer insights into the practical aspects of implementing decisions within the healthcare setting.

3. Administrators: Administrators bring their expertise in managing resources, finances, and operations. They ensure that decisions made are feasible and align with the organization’s mission, vision, and financial goals.

4. Other healthcare professionals: Depending on the agenda of the meeting, other healthcare professionals such as pharmacists, physical therapists, and social workers may also be in attendance. They provide input from their respective areas of expertise and help in ensuring a comprehensive approach to decision-making.

III. Describe your observation of the interactions between members of the committee:

During the committee meeting, I observed a high level of professionalism and respect among the members. The interactions were collaborative, with each member actively participating in discussions and sharing their perspectives. There was a sense of shared responsibility and common goal, as members listened attentively to each other, acknowledged differing viewpoints, and engaged in productive dialogue.

The committee members demonstrated effective communication skills, exchanging ideas, and seeking clarification when necessary. The atmosphere was inclusive, and everyone had the opportunity to contribute to the decision-making process. It was evident that the interactions were aimed at reaching a consensus and ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients and the healthcare organization.

IV. Do you believe the meeting used shared governance or not?

Based on my observations, I firmly believe that the meeting utilized shared governance principles. Shared governance is a decision-making model that promotes collaboration, inclusivity, and shared responsibility among healthcare professionals. It encourages the active involvement of all stakeholders, including frontline healthcare providers, in decision-making processes.

The committee meeting I attended exemplified these principles, as members from various disciplines participated equally in discussions, shared their expertise, and collectively arrived at decisions. The interactions were respectful, and all perspectives were considered before reaching a consensus. This form of shared governance fosters a sense of ownership, commitment, and accountability among committee members, ultimately leading to improved patient care and organizational outcomes.

Simple conclusion:

In conclusion, the committee meeting I attended showcased the importance of collaboration and shared decision-making in healthcare organizations. The committee’s function, the roles of those in attendance, and the interactions observed highlighted the benefits of shared governance in promoting effective decision-making processes. By engaging diverse perspectives, healthcare organizations can ensure that decisions align with best practices, are evidence-based, and prioritize the needs of patients and healthcare providers alike.

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