Scale Ratio Variable  Histograms are useful for presenting quantitative data such


Scale Ratio Variable

 Histograms are useful for presenting quantitative data such as the example variable ADULT_CT which describes the number of individuals per household. The variable measurement is scale ratio and as it depicts a number, a histogram is able to reflect the number of individuals belonging to each variable value or interval of values (Mishra, Pandey, Singh & Gupta, 2018).). Histograms divide the variable into equal intervals as shown below in individuals reported per home. The graph indicates nearly 3,000 reporting and displays the individual numbers per interval. The bar levels of the graph make it is easy to discern the average number reporting as 2 per household.

Nominal Variable

 As nominal variables depict qualitative data such as in the variable Q87 which describes the level of trust individuals felt towards others, a pie graph would be beneficial to use as it easily displays each group or individual share in the total being examined (Mishra, Pandey, Singh & Gupta, 2018). For example, the pie graph here which shows what percentage of trust was and wasn’t felt toward others. Graphs like these are appropriate for showing a variable that cannot be ordered or numerical in value such as feelings of trust (Frankfort-Nachmias, Leon-Guerrero & Davis, 2020).


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