Registered Nurse in California Hospital

 Additional Required Topics for Combined Research Paper The following discussion topics are part of the Combined Research Paper (Combo RP) only, not RP 1. These required Combo RP topics must be included in the Combo RP in the following order: • A revised Overview section, if necessary • Both current demand for new hires in your entry-level job and continuing five year outlook (see note below) • What methods you will use to get the job • Compensation (see note below) ▪ Beginning compensation ▪ Above compensation compared to national average of all jobs ▪ Compensation after three to five years experience (specify number of years) • The possible career growth paths from the job. What positions or advancement people may pursue after, for example, three-, five- or seven-years of experience doing the job (e.g. lateral moves within or outside the original company, other job areas or responsibilities, management, entrepreneurial). You can discuss more than one of the “three-, five-, or seven-years” timeframes if appropriate to your plans. • Revised Conclusion Note: the following discussion topics from the above list require documented data from reputable sources: • Beginning compensation level • Compensation for 3-5 years job • Above compared to national average experience • Demand for new hires The above areas of discussion require some thought and research — perhaps including your interviewing someone employed in such a position — as well as both careful documentation of sources and presentation of facts. A great place to begin your research is the Bureau of Labor Statistics website at

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