Recognizing Discrimination Recognizing Discrimination Please be open, honest, and sensitive

Recognizing Discrimination

Recognizing Discrimination

Please be open, honest, and sensitive to the feelings of others in this discussion board. The goal for this discussion is to learn about how others feel or sense discrimination that you might not be aware of. Determine what demographics you have in common like being students, having the same gender, being citizens of the U.S., being a parent or a single parent. being employed or unemployed, etc. Then see where one of you might be discriminated against for a characteristic you don’t share. Conclude your post with a reflection on how the danger of a single story can influence what we think about people of other ethnicities. 

This is a discussion for learning, not for finding solutions. 

What to do

Post a 250-word minimum reflection about about yourself or someone else (you are not required to use yourself and your own experiences). Discuss the ways in which you (or a friend) and someone else share one or two demographics/characteristics but are different in an other. For example you and a friend might both be male and Asian, but one of you is gay. Then describe when or how your friend is discriminated against in a way that you don’t experience. Try to keep focused on institutional (church, bank, school, criminal justice) situations, rather than discrimination by a person.

The point of the discussion is to become aware of the fact that your friend is or can be discriminated against for a reason, which you can’t be discriminated against.

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