Read the following attached articles: Catalyzing Marketing Innovation And Competitive

 Read the following attached articles:

Catalyzing Marketing Innovation And Competitive Advantage In The Healthcare Industry: The Value Of Thinking Like An Outsider

Advanced Practice Nurses: Developing A Business Plan For An Independent Ambulatory Clinical Practice

5 Reasons Innovation Fails: What Leaders Must Do First Is Reset And Retrain. Building An Innovative Healthcare Organization Takes Time, And A New Look At Skills

A Comprehensive Environment Scanning and Strategic Analysis of Iranian Public Hospitals: A Prospective Approach

You are planning to create a healthcare business such as a clinic, home care business, adult day care center, IT or management consulting firm, a small store selling medical supplies, or other healthcare-related business. Develop your business plan in terms of the criteria listed below. Then create a PowerPoint presentation that promotes your healthcare business.

The Business Plan

  • Create a PowerPoint that presents the required criteria of your business plan.
    • A ten-twelve PowerPoint (including introduction, conclusion, title, and references slides).
  • Design your PowerPoint so that it promotes your healthcare business.
  • Ensure the information for each slide is captured thoroughly in your speaker notes.

PowerPoint Presentation Slides Must Address The Following:

  • Describe the mission, vision, nature of your business, services and/or products,      stakeholders, and customers of your business.
  • Assess the competitive environment of your business (e.g., culture/social,      legal/regulatory, economic, technological, and/or competitive factors)      along with your major competitors.
  • Identify      Georgia local, state, and federal regulations or other ethical concerns in relation to your business.
  • Formulate your key marketing strategies to promote your services/products.
  • Create your HR plan with projected positions for the first year of your business.
  • Develop a 1-year budget plan with an estimate of how much money will be required to establish your new business, and justify how you will finance your venture.

*Must use at least seven scholarly and/or peer-reviewed sources throughout your powerpoint presentation that were published within the last five years in APA style.

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