Read- Pros Cons 1. Reduced prescription error-this ensures that patients

Read- Pros


1.     Reduced prescription error—this ensures that patients are receiving the correct medication for treatment (McBride et al., 2018).

1.Anxiey—pt anxiety can arise from seeing undisclosed or inconsistent information on the EHR (Tapuria et al., 2021).

2.     Pt education—EHRs allow for education to be sent directly to the pt’s record improving compliance. For example, when I d/c a pt from my clinic we can send pt handouts to their online portal to allow access without worrying about losing papers (Jackson et al., 2018).

2.Server crashes—servers can go down leading to downtime procedures. This increases risk to patients as most staff is not trained in the procedure leading to possible error when passing medications and obtaining pt records (Tsai et al., 2020).

3.     Easily send information between providers—EHRs allow for easier transfer of records between various providers. This assists in organizing and ensuring proper care of patients (Kroth et al., 2018).

3.Privacy—There is the risk of a false identity obtaining pt’s private information. There is also the concern of inappropriate and unauthorized access to information (Tsai et al., 2020).

  1. Refer to the Stage 3 objectives for Meaningful Use located in this week’s lesson under the heading Meaningful Use and the HITECH Act. Select two objectives to research further. In your own words, provide a brief discussion as to how the objective may impact your role as an APN in clinical practice.  

The first objective I am going to focus on is that patients are provided with electronic access to health information and patient-specific education (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services., 2021). This will be vital to my NP practice because it will assist me in communicating with my patients. It is hard to just call a patient and go over results as some people need to see it. In this case, I can have my patients pull up their results on their electronic access, so they can visualize them as we discuss. I also feel that by pts having access to their health information they can keep track of their health, as most of the times patients are overwhelmed at visits and may not remember everything reviewed. Providing electronic education is also essential as patients may lose paper. It makes it easy for them to refer to the education and allows me to see what education I have provided them with. I am currently providing patient education electronically as an RN and I look forward to expanding my skills to incorporate the ability to share results as an ANP.

The second objective I am focusing on is the use of the health information exchange to support transitions and referrals (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services., 2021). This will impact my NP practice as it will help me gain information on my patients. When we see new patients most of the time we are searching for information and asking the pt questions to figure out their best course for care. If we are getting a summary of care record prior to seeing patients it will allow care to be focused on the problem and hopefully in a more timely manner.

Instructions: Grammar, Spelling, Syntax, Mechanics and APA Format. Responses needs to be substantive ,adds importance, depth, and meaningfulness, and provide scholarly source. 2 paragraph 

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