Pam Jones worked for 41 years at the same company and

Pam Jones worked for 41 years at the same company and had positive performance ratings and personnel records. She needed a calculator for work which she purchased with her own money but was not reimbursed because she lost the receipt. Later, a security guard stopped her as she was leaving and discovered the calculator in her belongings. After a brief internal investigation, she was fired and it was announced through internal notices that she had committed a theft. The employee sued for libel, saying the company used her as an example to prevent other thefts.

What do you consider to be the key issues in this case?  If you were the HR Director, how would you resolve this case?  Were the principles of outcome fairness, procedural justice, and interactional justice followed? What future changes would you make with respect to their policies?


Book- Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 8th Edition By: Raymond Noe 

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