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Researcher tries to eliminate the extraneous variables because they add error to an experiment. According to Psuc7f.wordpress.com, an experiment has an independent variable and a dependent variable in which the independent variable is manipulated and directly affects the dependent variable. However, within the experiment there are many variables called extraneous variable that are constantly changing and influence the independent and dependent variables. Some of these extraneous variables are: height, age, personalities, lighting, temperature, weight, weather, mood and backgrounds etc. Each researcher, needs to be able to identify the extraneous variable that influence the most the independent variables and try to control them in order to discover the true relationship between the independent and the dependent variable. For example, if temperature is identified that a standardized environment would control that. The reason we need to control the extraneous variable is because they can transform into confounding variable and the results will not be valid.

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The topic of eliminating extraneous variables in experiments is crucial in conducting valid research in the field of medicine. By identifying and controlling these variables, researchers can ensure that the results they obtain are accurate and credible.

Experiments in medical research involve manipulating an independent variable to measure its effect on a dependent variable. However, there are numerous extraneous variables that can influence the outcomes of the experiment. These extraneous variables, such as age, personality, lighting, temperature, weight, weather, mood, and backgrounds, can introduce errors and distort the interpretation of the relationship between the independent and dependent variables.

To combat the influence of these extraneous variables, researchers must be diligent in identifying the ones that are most likely to impact the experiment. Once identified, efforts should be made to control or standardize these extraneous variables. For instance, if temperature is identified as a significant extraneous variable, maintaining a standardized environment with controlled temperature would help mitigate its influence.

Failing to control extraneous variables can lead to confounding variables, which can invalidate the results of an experiment. Therefore, it is crucial for researchers to meticulously plan and execute their experiments while considering and addressing the potential impact of extraneous variables.

In conclusion, the thorough identification and control of extraneous variables are essential in medical research. By doing so, researchers can eliminate sources of error and ensure the validity of their findings.

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