NURS 440 MDC Pandemic Nursing Telehealth and Patient Outcomes Presentation Nursing Assignment Help

The topic I have chosen to discuss for my week 8 presentation is “Nursing during a pandemic across the country and impacts to patient outcomes via Telehealth.”


You must use the Presentation Template. Failure to use the template will result in a 40-point deduction on your grade.

Choose from one of the following topics (you may choose a different topic, but it must be pre-approved by your faculty. Failure to do so will result in a zero score on the assignment.):

Nursing during an epidemic, pandemic or natural disaster across the country or around the globe

The effect of social media on nursing image. How can nurses educate the public and help portray the true image of nursing? How are nurses personally accountable in their use of social media?

The prevalence and impact of substance abuse among nurses (impaired nursing)

Impact of collective bargaining on the nursing profession

Impact of workplace harassment and violence on the nursing profession

You may select from ONE of the following technological advances and discuss its impact on patient outcomes:

Telehealth technology

Health applications

  1. Health-related/electronic wearables

You must use the PowerPoint presentation template provided at the top of this assignment.

  1. You are to create bullet points for each slide, not including the title and reference slides. Every slide must have a speaker note with a minimum of 4-5 sentences addressing the bulleted items on the slide. Every slide must have images and be professionally organized.
  2. Include a minimum of 4-5 peer-reviewed research articles as references in the presentation. All research articles need to have been published within 5 years from today’s date. No blog, chat, other university or Wikipedia information allowed in presentation. The PowerPoint presentation must follow current APA 7 style. 
  3. Your presentation should only include the following slides:
  4. Title slide
  5. Why the topic was chosen
  6. How your topic impacts nursing practice

Current relevance of the topic

  1. Clinical Practice Integration
  2. Plan for lobbying: Describe your plan on what and how you would lobby your legislators or local government for funding and support for your chosen issue/trend.

Expert Solution Preview

The chosen topic for this week’s presentation is “Nursing during a pandemic across the country and impacts to patient outcomes via Telehealth.” The presentation will discuss the role of nurses during a pandemic and how Telehealth technology has impacted patient outcomes.


Title Slide:
The title slide should include the title of the presentation, the name of the presenter, and the date of the presentation.

Why the topic was chosen:
The topic of nursing during a pandemic and the use of Telehealth technology was chosen due to its relevance and importance in the current healthcare landscape. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the crucial role of nurses in providing care and the need for innovative solutions, such as Telehealth, to ensure access to healthcare services. Exploring the impact of Telehealth on patient outcomes during a pandemic will provide valuable insights for nursing practice and future pandemic preparedness.

How your topic impacts nursing practice:
The topic of nursing during a pandemic and the use of Telehealth technology has a significant impact on nursing practice. During a pandemic, nurses play a critical role in identifying and managing infectious diseases, providing direct patient care, educating patients and communities, and promoting public health measures. The use of Telehealth technology allows nurses to provide virtual care and support to patients, minimizing the risk of exposure and ensuring continuity of care. This technology has transformed nursing practice by enabling remote patient monitoring, virtual consultations, and health education, improving access to care and optimizing patient outcomes.

Current relevance of the topic:
The chosen topic is highly relevant in the current healthcare landscape, considering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the increasing use of Telehealth services. The pandemic has posed significant challenges to healthcare delivery, including limited resources, overcrowded hospitals, and the risk of infection transmission. Telehealth technology has emerged as a valuable solution to overcome these challenges by providing remote healthcare services, reducing the burden on healthcare facilities, and ensuring the safety of healthcare providers and patients. Understanding the current relevance of the topic will enable nurses to adapt their practice and leverage Telehealth to deliver efficient and effective care during a pandemic.

Clinical Practice Integration:
Integrating Telehealth into clinical practice has become imperative during a pandemic. Nurses need to familiarize themselves with Telehealth platforms and technology to effectively provide virtual care and support to patients. This integration requires training, collaboration with other healthcare professionals, and the development of guidelines and protocols for Telehealth implementation. By embracing Telehealth, nurses can expand their scope of practice and reach a larger population, especially in areas with limited healthcare resources. This integration will ultimately improve patient outcomes by ensuring timely access to care and reducing healthcare disparities during a pandemic.

Plan for lobbying:
To advocate for funding and support for Telehealth in nursing practice during a pandemic, a comprehensive lobbying plan is required. Firstly, it is essential to identify key stakeholders, such as legislators, government officials, and healthcare organizations, who can influence funding decisions. Secondly, the plan should involve gathering evidence-based research and case studies demonstrating the positive impact of Telehealth on patient outcomes and healthcare delivery during a pandemic. Thirdly, creating a persuasive argument outlining the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of Telehealth in managing a pandemic will be crucial. Lastly, organizing meetings, presenting the evidence, and proposing policy changes to support the integration of Telehealth into nursing practice during a pandemic will increase the chances of obtaining funding and support for this vital technology.

The topic of nursing during a pandemic and the use of Telehealth technology has significant implications for nursing practice and patient outcomes. Nurses play a crucial role in managing pandemics and Telehealth technology enables them to provide remote care and support to patients. Understanding the current relevance, integrating Telehealth into clinical practice, and advocating for funding and support are essential to ensure optimal patient outcomes during a pandemic.

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