Module 06 Homework Assignment · Use the information presented in

 Module 06 Homework Assignment
· Use the information presented in the module folder along with your readings from the textbook to answer the following questions.
Differentiate between bacterial infection and bacterial intoxication.
Discuss the importance of E. coli as part of our intestinal flora.
3. Describe three (3) different types of gastrointestinal diseases caused by bacteria. Be sure to give the name of the specific organism that causes each, describe some common signs and symptoms, and discuss treatment for each disease:
4. Define meningitis. Compare and contrast between bacterial and viral meningitis including treatment for each.
5. What is a prion? Describe the impact prions have on the      human brain and discuss two prion-associated diseases in humans:
6. What is a vector-borne (vector transmitted) disease? Give      an example of a vector borne disease and the vector responsible for causing it:
N.B., please follow the instructions should be written in APA format, not more than 3 pages thanks. 

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