Instructions Read the information below, then complete the designated tasks



Read the information below, then complete the designated tasks with your team.

Millennium Health

Doctor Johnson and Doctor Diaz recently decided that their practice needs a modern information system to support its business and health information management needs. The new system would replace a mix of paper-based and legacy systems. Dr. Johnson asked you to design an information system that could support the clinic’s current operations and future growth.

In your first meeting, Dr. Johnson provided an overview of the clinic’s business processes and staff members. He described the staff as follows:

  • Sheila Logan, office manager.
  • Support staff reporting to Sheila are:
    • Fred Brown — human resources and employee benefits.
    • Ricky Flemming reports directly to Fred and works with payroll, tax reporting, and profit distribution among the associates.
    • Aisha Fox is responsible for the maintenance of patient medical records.
    • Zane Ricardo handles accounts receivables.
    • Deb Baldwin is the insurance billing specialist.
    • Min-ji Park is responsible for managing appointments. Her duties include reminder calls to patients and preparing daily appointment lists.
    • Clare Kline is concerned primarily with ordering and organizing office and medical supplies.

After studying this information, you start to prepare for your next meeting with Dr. Johnson.


  1. Use the background information to create a business profile for Millennium Health. The profile should include an organization chart of the office staff. You can create the chart using Microsoft Word or a similar program, or you can draw it by hand. In Word, click the Insert tab on the Ribbon, then Smart Art, then Organization Chart.
  2. Identify six business processes that Millennium Health performs and explain who has primary responsibility for each process.
  3. Describe the systems development method you plan to use and explain the pros and cons of using this method.
  4. At the bottom of the document, list team members and explain each member’s contribution to the above tasks.  If you worked together on all tasks, then list the date and time of the meeting, how you met (Zoom, etc.), and the review process of the final document.  

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