Hello all, you have options this week – you can

Hello all, you have options this week – you can pick either one of the two threads to respond to – your choice!

Option 1: “Affirmative Defenses”

  • Compare and contrast the affirmative defenses identified in this week’s textbook reading, and explain and what is meant by the sentence, “The defendant is competent to stand trial.”
  • Explain the Supreme Court case of [Jackson v. Indiana] and how it is applicable to the states and competency for criminal liability. Do you agree with the case? Why or why not?

Option 2: “Solicitation vs. Conspiracy to Commit a Crime”

  • This week, we will be comparing and contrasting the required elements of solicitation of another to commit a crime versus the required elements of conspiracy to commit a crime. Using the Internet or  Library resources, find a real-world example of one of the two crimes (either solicitation or conspiracy – your choice) from a news article and please provide the link. Give us a brief synopsis of the facts, and then think like a prosecuting attorney – present what crime you would charge the defendant with, and demonstrate how the facts prove each individual element of the crime you have chosen.

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