Guidelines for organization: You are the CEO of a large

Guidelines for organization:

You are the CEO of a large name-brand (feel free to assume any brand you like – Sandals, Marriott, etc.) resort in Mexico.  The global recession and economy have not been kind to your resort and business is off by 35% over the last three years.  Other large resorts in your area are also suffering but they are only down 15-20% compared to your 35%.  On top of the economic difficulties, the entire country of Mexico has been plagued with drug cartel related violence which has scared both your clientele and your staff.  Your recent employee opinion survey shows that your employees are becoming more disengaged, your staff is not nearly as satisfied or committed to your organization compared to the last survey which took place in 2009.  Your most trusted colleague has mentioned that you might want to look into some organization development work to uncover the difficulties and opportunities so that your business may grow.  How would you work with the OD consultant to determine the type of change strategy to employ, steps to changing the culture, how to engage your employees and how to ensure performance management is at the level it needs to be for the future?

  • A minimum of 6 pages not to exceed 10, typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman font, using APA standard
  • Title page, including title of paper, your name, course name and course number, date of submission (page 1)
  • A minimum of 6-10 pages including a summary of your understanding of the biblical implications for the topic (pages 2-6)
    • Internal or External OD consultant?
    • What does your agreement with them entail?
    • What is the change strategy?
    • How does employee engagement fit in?
    • Performance management system
    • Corporate culture (how does it help or hurt)?
    • Anything else you think to be relevant
  • 10 reference minimum including the text, the Holy Bible, books and articles from academic sources (Net Library), and other periodicals

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