For this assignment, create a digital pamphlet to share with


For this assignment, create a digital pamphlet to share with families that will help them understand some of the processes that occur within the early childhood special education environment.

Within your digital pamphlet, include the following:

  • Brief overview of IDEA in family-friendly terms (layperson terms, with little jargon).
  • Information about what families can expect as their child goes through diagnostic assessment for eligibility purposes.
  • Explanation of differences between an IFSP, IEP, and 504 plan in family-friendly terms.
  • Roles and responsibilities of early childhood special education professionals in the IDEA process, including advocating for children and collaborating with families.
  • Roles and responsibilities of parents/guardians in the early identification and possible service plans.
  • At least 2-3 links to community resources available to families related to special education eligibility and processes.

Support your digital pamphlet with a minimum of three scholarly resources.

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