Examine the role of corporate social responsibility in value chain


Examine the role of corporate social responsibility in value chain management.

PC-6.2: Communicate the critical thinking process by which one arrives at a conclusion.

Competency Assessment

The purpose of the Assessment is to demonstrate a graduate level understanding of the impact of corporate social responsibility on the management of a firm’s value chain.

Address the checklist items below, access the rubric, and follow the instructions as well as minimum submission requirements.


Part 1: Use the third person perspective.

  1. Write an APA formatted minimum of a 4-page paper, exclusive of the title and references pages.
  2. In your paper, address the following requirements:
    1. Make a compelling argument as to why the inclusion of policies of corporate social responsibility enhance the ability of a firm to effectively manage a value chain and achieve competitive advantage.
    2. Describe at least five ways a business can demonstrate corporate socially responsible behavior and relate these methods to the impact on achieving effective value chain management. 
    3. Explain how shareholders, employees, customers and society can be made aware of these endeavors.
    4. Describe cons / risks related to corporate social responsibility programs.
    5. Choose and analyze two examples of companies that have been successful in integrating corporate social responsibility programs into their value chain.
    6. Choose and analyze two examples of companies that have not been successful in this integration and identify what the companies should have done in their value chains proactively to protect their value chains.
    7. Support your response’s content with at least three applied and cited references. Accepted resources are: Library article(s), the textbook, and the chosen example companies’ websites. No other internet references are acceptable.

Part 2: Use the first-person perspective.

  • Write a paragraph explaining your own critical thinking process that you used to complete Part One of the Assessment.

This assignment requires reading chapter 6 


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