Enforcement and Investigations – summarizing its deliberations on the

You are senior members from the ACA City Y Branch Office – the Director and the heads of the front line and operational support groups. A comprehensive in-house report submitted lately by the Head of Intelligence suggests that the Mafia M-controlled vice activities in District X have become more active, in particular in and around the red light zone, with occasional violent crimes linked to drugs, illegal stay of foreign prostitutes and loan sharking, threatening peace and order.

There is also an increase of complaint reports made to the ACA City Y Branch Office alleging deception and fraud against members of staff of finance companies and of renovation businesses operated by Mafia M. The mafia leaders and some of the operators have been identified and their suspected involvements are listed. The report points out specifically that there are recorded enforcement actions taken by the Police and other law enforcement departments but they all look suspicious as the vice activities resumed almost immediately after the raids.

Those arrested and prosecuted are believed to be scapegoats. There is a grave concern that the law enforcement departments are not putting real efforts in enforcing the law and that corruption of a syndicated nature is suspected. The report also highlights that despite the apparent phenomenon, officially released statistics and intelligence from the police show no increase of complaint reports on crimes in District X. The Crime Wing has openly asserted that law and order are under control and police enforcement actions are taking effect in fighting crimes. After a case conference on the situation with all of your presence, it is decided that the matter warrants a full investigation. The next step is to consider the way forward.

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