Discuss a biography from a christian perspective of George W Bush

Write an excelent biography from a christian perspective of George W Bush- with absolutly no plagiarism nor grammatical errors -for christian liberty high school. The paper needs to be no less than 4 pages, 1500 words, double spaced, with at least four sources including two hard copy books, periodicals or journals and only one source may be an encyclopdia. WIKIPEDIA MAY NOT BE USSED AS A SOURCE. *( REQUIRED COPIES OF SOURCE MATERIAL)* All cited work must be accounted for in the form of photocopied pages, to be submitted with the paper, from articles and or books that have been cited (cited page only) and print outs of any web pages or internet articles ( not full articals) that have been cited. Words that have been quoted or ideas otherwise cited need to be highlighted in these copies. * The thesis statement: The problem , possible approaches or solutions and the writer’s proposed apporach must be expresssed in this statement. * ( DETAILED OUTLINE ) the detailed outlines ( one before starting the paper and one upon completion ) must be doubled spaced and typed on whited paper and must also contain 3 main sections – the introduction, the body and the conclusion. internet documentation is based on (wwwbedfordstmartins.com/online) All required source materials and components for the paper must be identified.

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