DIRECTIONS: Choose one text from  “A Very Old Man with Enormous

Choose one text from  “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Norton Anthology, refer to the following link  and analyze how one of the concepts listed below manifests in a character’s or characters’ decisions and/or perceptions of their environment. In other words, how does this concept below play out in the story? (This should be about a page in length using MLA format).


• Characteristics discussed in BF Chapter 1 (SEE ATTACHED BOOK)
• Types of Thinking (sociocentric, ethnocentric, egocentric)
• Lack of intellectual Traits
• Groupthink
• Confirmation Bias
• Any Logical Fallacy

Required Structure (This mimics Essay 1 Structure)

• Include a clear topic sentence (One concept that manifests in [author’s] [story title] is [concept].
• Define the concept
• Demonstrate with 1-2 detailed examples how the concept occurs in the story. Provide 1-2 pieces of textual support. Do not quote more than one line from the story when you use textual support.
• Discuss the consequences of the character’s demonstration of the concept.


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