Dance related creative art work

 Part 1: For this final assignment, you are to create your own work of art. Your work will be an artistic response to a dance from this course (***something from any of the Lesson Resources) (I will upload some for you to pick) you have seen and/or read. Select a dance, choreographer, or cultural-historical-social moment that resonated with you. Maybe you enjoyed it or maybe it brought up some particular question for you. Then create your own artwork that depicts your point of view about that dance using any medium you choose. 1. Medium. It could be a poem, a drawing, a sculpture, a quilt, a music video, a commercial, a video game, a cartoon, a deck of playing cards, or even a dance. If flash mobs are your chosen way of expressing yourself, make one (even if its a mini-mob). It can be any medium that you choose in 2-dimensions or 3-dimensions. However, the artwork needs to be your own original creation. 2. Upload. You will need to upload it either as a jpeg (still image) or a link to Youtube or Vimeo (movie clip). You can also upload as an image on a Word document. 3. WTF-ness. Art does not need to be straight-forward. This could be described as being abstract, complex, ambiguous, intriguing, beguiling, or challenging. Your artwork does not need to be simple, and it does not need to make sense to anyone but you. (However, you will need to include a short description as listed below). Challenging the viewer to ask questions about the work is one way to encourage an artistic response. And rather than attempt something you easily connect with, how can you break new ground through the course material or your chosen artistic medium. 4. Please be classy. Especially if you upload a video, as Youtube and other sites have standards and may take your posting down. Part 2: You will need to post a short description and explanation of your artwork. You will first need to state which dance, choreographer, or aspect of this class that the artwork is addressing. Then explain how your original artwork depicts this for you. How did the dance you work from inspire you, incite you, raise questions, or demand a response? What other choices did you make in creating this artwork? The more specificity you can provide the better. *** please check upload files for instruction

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