create a Pro-Forma income statement

 For this assignment, you have been asked to create a Pro-Forma income statement and presentation for your new company, with the assumption that you will complete all required pre-planning activities this year, so that you can open for business in January. For this exercise, you have been asked to create a pro forma income statement by month for the first year of business. A business plan tells a multi-faceted story to potential investors or lenders. The Pro-Forma financial statements use numbers to tell the story. How will you use your numbers to tell your company’s story? Please view the resources, rubric and the other accompanying documents for more detailed instructions. A template is provided to complete your Pro Forma Financial Projections, as well as a sample. The GoTo Trainings for Week Three and Four contain guidance for the project as well. For this assignment you will use the Full Sail University library to access EBSCOhost, Lexis-Nexis, trade journals or other available library resources to conduct research.

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