Cisco Systems: Building Leading Internet Capabilities


3 good paragraphs per question. Minimum of 3/4 page per question. Please read uploaded document for exact details. 1) Why didn’t Cisco rest on its laurels after the web-enablement effort was completed? What role did Chambers and Solvik see IT playing in the next phase of technology expansion? How did they implement this new role? Is this different from your experience as to the role IT plays? How? Page 2 2) When Pete Solvik first came to Cisco, IT reported to the CFO. The function was then moved under the SVP for Customer Advocacy. How important was it that IT reported where it did during the technology ramp-up years? Explain your answer. Do you think technology adaptation would have moved along differently if IT reported to the CFO? Why or why not? Page 3 3) Pete Solvik insisted that John Chambers play a visible role in this next phase of “Internet Capabilities” roll-out? Why do you think Solvik did that? How important was it for the CEO to be supporting this effort? Why? How important was it that Internet Capabilities were listed as a corporate goal? Explain your answer. Page 4 4) Cisco undertook two unique approaches for introducing a paradigm shift toward becoming the leader in Internet capabilities: 1) each senior executive had to identify how the Internet could enhance their business and 2) other companies were identified as Internet capability leaders that Cisco wanted to benchmark themselves against. If you were a senior executive at Cisco, would you like or dislike these two approaches?

Why or why not? Page 5 5) Do some external research on Cisco’s current Internet capabilities from the initial implementations described in the case. Refer to the improvement opportunities listed in Exhibits 4-6 that includes customer satisfaction, collaboration, influence and learning development. Remember to include your external references and citations. 

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