case study screen shot attached Case Study #2: Dick’s Sporting

case study screen shot attached

 Case Study #2: Dick’s Sporting Goods: Taking Control of Its E-Commerce Operations

 I. Read the case study in Chapter 4 of the textbook titled “Dick’s Sporting Goods: Taking Control of Its E-Commerce Operations.” 

II. In 600- 700 words, write something that addresses the following questions/issues:

 ● What factors led Dick’s Sporting Goods to retake direct control of its e-commerce operations? 

● What are some of the key features of the omni-channel approach now taken by Dick’s Sporting Goods? 

● As a consumer, what do you think about the approach being taken by Dick’s Sporting Goods? Do any specific aspects of its omni-channel approach appeal to you? Or would you simply prefer to buy sporting goods at the lowest possible price, regardless of other factors? If you do not purchase sporting goods, that’s fine — you can write from the perspective of someone who does. Do you think that the approach taken by Dick’s is likely to succeed? 

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