Carl Kaysen, an American academic known for coining the phrase


Carl Kaysen, an American academic known for coining the phrase “the soulful corporation” to define new, more responsible large companies, believed said companies’ goal was no longer ROI. He proposed that these modern companies identify and target the much larger goal of being responsible not only to stockholders but to all. In today’s world, companies like UPS have mapped deliveries to make as many right turns as possible in order to save time, protect employees, save fuel, and reduce emissions. The NFL, Salesforce, and Walgreens have stepped up their DEI strategies to avoid bias in hiring and promotion of underrepresented groups.

With this in mind, for your initial post, describe the makeup of your project team. Then, address the following questions about your proposed strategy:

  • What steps are you going to take to promote CSR initiatives? For example: what community programs, nonprofits, or environmental projects will the new product or service support?
  • How do you plan to attract, develop, engage, and reward your project team?

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