Assignment Walkthrough Watch the Professional Cover Letter Assignment Video Walkthrough. Completing this

Assignment Walkthrough

Watch the Professional Cover Letter Assignment Video Walkthrough

Completing this assignment will help you identify the skills and abilities that will move your career forward. You will develop a job application cover letter. For this assignment, you may present yourself as a recent graduate if needed.


  • Find a specific job opening posted online within the last nine months.
  • Write a cover letter as though you are applying for the position. Highlight and emphasize why you are the most suitable candidate for the position.
  • Complete the cover letter on page 1 of the submission; include a working link to the job post on page 2.

The job letter or application message must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Content:
    • Highlight relevant background and job history information specific to the opening.
    • Emphasize significant qualifications and exclude nonessential information.
  • Format:
    • Follow proper letter formatting techniques per business letter format.
    • Use an appropriate and professional greeting and closing.
  • Style:
    • Use professional language.
    • Develop concise, effective paragraphs with six or seven sentences, if possible.
  • Mechanics:
    • Make sure there are no grammar or spelling errors.
    • Eliminate wordiness and unclear sentence construction.
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