As you have known since Week 1, during this week,

As you have known since Week 1, during this week, we had a manager who shared details about her nonprofit organization. Each group worked in a strategic management plan to help in her efforts in (1) securing funding for We2AreVets 501c3 and (2) hiring one to three people with low salaries. Here is the video for reference:×802/playerSkin/41748871/thumbEmbed//autoPlay//startTime//endTime/

  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Identification of the organization’s current mission, goals, and strategies
  • Environment analysis — SWOT analysis (at least three per section)
    • External environment
      • Opportunities (3)
      • Threats (3)
    • Internal environment
      • Strengths (3)
      • Weaknesses (3)
  • Formulate at least two alternative strategies
  • Select the strategy the organization should pursue
  • Explain how the organization should implement the strategy selected
  • Explain how the organization will evaluate the results
  • Final conclusion to wrap up all the topics covered in the content
  • Reference page
  • Page limit: 15 pages (not including the title page and reference list)
  • Font: Times New Roman or Arial, size 12
  • Paper must include a reference page, and all the references should follow APA format

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