Although I am currently not in the field of corrections,

 Although I am currently not in the field of corrections, I have learned a lot in this course and concerns in the criminal justice field can have an effect on all of us. For example, allowing early release to prisoners. In order to release inmates from prison early into the community it should be based on their sentence. If a prison is in for a minor crime that was not life threatening, I would agree. Minor cases could also be handled out of the criminal justice system. If an individual continues to do the same crime, they should not be given early release. Every case should be treated differently. Special alternatives can be made for vulnerable or at-risk groups such as children, mothers with dependent children and individuals with mental health issues. There should also be rehabilitation programs given to those released early from prison. Overcrowding is a major issue, this is why early released is crucial, but we also must think of the safety of our community so precautions must be made and well thought out. Prisons are not a very sanitary place and prisoners run the risk of possibly contracting hepatitis, HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. This is another reason to allow early release for crimes which are not life threatening. 

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