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You are creating a community health promotion resource that addresses a cardiovascular subject of your choosing. You are creating this tool for a segmented population of health care consumers.

Create 500-word informational tool in the form

  • Brochure/pamphlet with Microsoft word

Include the following in your resource: 

  • Identify the disease or subject of focus.
  • Identify the population.
  • Focus your information on the specific cultural beliefs of the population that you have chosen and how treatment and management of the disease might be affected by these aspects.
  • Explain how this disease and the management of it affect resources in society.

Include your references for the information you use in your assignment. Be sure that you paraphrase everything well. I typically download the text and run it through the plagiarism checker.

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The purpose of this community health promotion resource is to provide valuable information regarding a specific cardiovascular subject to a segmented population of health care consumers. This informational tool aims to educate individuals about the disease or subject of focus, the impact of cultural beliefs on its treatment and management, and how this disease affects resources in society.

Brochure Title: Managing Cardiovascular Health: A Cultural Perspective

1. Identify the disease or subject of focus:

The chosen disease for this resource is hypertension, commonly known as high blood pressure. Hypertension is a chronic condition characterized by the force exerted by the blood against the walls of the arteries being consistently too high.

2. Identify the population:

The target population for this resource is individuals belonging to a specific cultural group – Asian Americans of Chinese descent. It is essential to acknowledge that cultural beliefs and practices influence their perspective on health and healthcare utilization.

3. Cultural beliefs and impact on treatment and management:

In Chinese culture, there is a strong emphasis on maintaining harmony and balance within the body. Traditionally, individuals believe in the concept of Yin and Yang, where any disruption in this balance can lead to health problems. Understanding this belief is crucial, as it may influence the perception of hypertension as an imbalance and influence their acceptance of Western medical interventions.

The brochure will highlight the importance of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practices such as herbal remedies, acupuncture, and tai chi in managing hypertension. It will emphasize the significance of integrating these alternative approaches with evidence-based Western treatments, such as medication and lifestyle modifications.

4. How this disease and its management affect resources in society:

The management of hypertension can significantly impact resources in society. As a chronic condition, it requires regular medical check-ups, laboratory tests, and medications. In the case of Asian Americans of Chinese descent, cultural beliefs may lead to the utilization of alternative treatment options, which may not be covered by health insurance. This highlights the need to address potential disparities in healthcare access and affordability, ensuring that individuals can access both conventional and alternative treatments without financial limitations.

Additionally, the brochure will discuss the importance of health education and prevention strategies to reduce the burden of hypertension. By promoting regular blood pressure screenings and providing information on healthy lifestyle choices such as diet, exercise, and stress reduction techniques, individuals can actively participate in managing their cardiovascular health and potentially reduce the strain on healthcare resources.


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