1. Assume that you are running an outdoor ethnic food

1. Assume that you are running an outdoor ethnic food festival for the elderly. What fire precautions might you need to take? What are some of the poison issues that you might consider? How would you organize your EMR team?

2. Assume that you have been hired as the risk manager for a major sports stadium. Design a risk program that deals with is- sues of fire and health.

3. You are the risk manager and need to determine how many EMR teams you will require. The event is a summer rock concert. Last year, this concert had a number of alcohol-related incidents. The concert takes place in the late afternoon and extends into the night. The concert site is a hill in a geographic area famous for sudden flash thunderstorms. How many EMR teams would you want per thousand participants?

4. A car bomb has just exploded in front of your event centre. What are the steps that you would take in protecting the survivors and the rescuers? Develop a time line for your response.

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